US-India Energy Dialogue & MoU on United States-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership

admin November 6, 2021
Updated 2021/11/06 at 2:49 PM

The Indian Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas co-chaired a virtual Ministerial meeting with the United States Secretary of Energy to kick off the revised United States-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP). The SCEP has established in line with the U.S.-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership, which was announced by the Indian Prime Minister and the President of the United States at the Leaders’ Summit on Climate in April 2021.

The meeting’s key takeaways

The re-energized SCEP focuses on electrification and decarbonization of processes and end uses, scaling up and speeding the implementation of new clean energy technologies, and developing solutions for difficult-to-decarbonize industries. Both nations are committed to work on five pillars of the SCEP: power and energy efficiency, renewable energy, responsible oil and gas, sustainable growth, and emerging fuels. Emerging fuels have just been added to the list of potential areas of collaboration.

On September 13, the Agenda 2030 Partnership will also begin a Climate Action and Finance Mobilization Discussion, which will build on the bilateral energy dialogue between the United States and India, which has advanced energy security and innovation. The two countries are committed to maintaining cutting-edge research and development through the long-standing United States-India Partnership to Advance Clean Energy Research (PACE-R), with a focus on developing clean energy technology. They will also continue to push civil nuclear power innovation as a net-zero option through various collaborative programmes, such as the Civil Nuclear Energy Working Group.

To assist in the deployment of clean technologies, the private sector and other stakeholders from many technical fields would be enlisted. A Task Force on Biofuels between India and the United States was also established to foster collaboration in the biofuels industry. The Indian electric infrastructure must be upgraded to accommodate large-scale renewable energy integration. The Gas Task Force will be renamed the India-US Low Emissions Gas Task Force and will continue to foster collaboration between US and Indian firms on innovative initiatives to promote India’s goal of a gas-based economy.


Source: Mint

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