Saab wins Indian contract for its AT4 anti-armour weapon

admin January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 1:36 PM

The Indian Army and Air Force chose Saab’s AT4 anti-armour weapon in a competitive programme for a single-shot weapon, the firm said on Wednesday.

“The Indian armed forces are a new customer for AT4. According to Saab, the AT4CS AST, which can be fired from confined spaces such as inside buildings, bunkers, and other urban environments, is included in this order. It weighs around 9 kg and has a range of about 200 metres.


“The AT4 systems have been tested in battle all around the world. They’re small, single-shot, and completely disposable, and they’re known for their simplicity of use and handling. Saab’s commitment to providing the newest technologies to Indian forces is underscored by this competitive system selection, “stated Ola Rignell, Chairman and Managing Director, Saab India.

According to the statement, the AT4CS AST had a tandem warhead with a breach or explosion mode that was optimised to combat adversaries inside buildings and demolish structures that may have established a point of entry into them.

“We are honoured that the Indian armed forces, who currently employ our Carl-Gustaf system, have chosen Saab for their single-shot weapon requirements.” According to Görgen Johansson, director of Saab’s Dynamics business unit, the Indian Army and Air Force may rest assured that they have the firepower they need to gain an advantage.

According to Saab, the AT4 is one of the most popular and successful support weapon families on the market.

According to the statement, this single-shot device, which can be operated by a single soldier, has proved effective against buildings, landing craft, helicopters, armoured vehicles, and soldiers. It’s 84 mm calibre warhead provides increased force and performance.


Source: The Hindu

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