Rajnath announced new financial powers for Vice Chief of Air Force, Army, and Navy

admin November 6, 2021
Updated 2021/11/06 at 2:42 PM

new regulations to improve the Army, Navy, and Air Force’s delegation of revenue purchase authority. Critical equipment, such as air-to-air refuellers for the Air Force, may now be rented for short durations rather being purchased or leased over a lengthy period of time, which is not only more expensive but also takes longer.

While the Vice Chief of the Air Force’s authority would be limited to Rs 200 crore, commanders will have authority to hire up to Rs 100 crore. Financial powers have been allocated to new officials among the services, based on requirements, in addition to establishing the notion of short-term equipment hiring.

The order on Delegation of Financial Powers to Defence Services (DFPDS), 2021, was signed by Rajnath Singh and intends to “empower field formations; focus on operational preparation; promote ease of doing business, and increase jointness among the Services,” according to the Defence Ministry.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) each have their own Schedules of Powers in the DFPDS 2021. The ministry stated that a “general enhancement of up to two times has been approved for the Competent Financial Authorities (CFA),” while “this enhancement at field formations is in the range of up to 5-10 times on account of operational requirements” in certain schedules under the new financial powers delegated.

The financial powers given to the Vice Chiefs of the Services would be increased by 10%, with a limit of Rs 500 crore. The Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Chief of the Integrated Defence Staff will share budgetary authority with the vice chiefs.

In addition, the ministry stated that new CFAs have been added to the service headquarters and field formations, including the Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Master General Sustenance, ADG (Procurement)/DG Air Operations/DG Naval Operations, among others, due to reorganisation, restructuring, or functional requirements.


Source: The Indian Express

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