Poshan Vatika: The Ayush Ministry’s Initiative to End Malnutrition

admin November 6, 2021
Updated 2021/11/06 at 1:54 PM

A webinar on the significance of ‘Poshan Vatika’ (Nutri Garden) for malnutrition eradication was co-hosted by the Ministries of Ayush and Women and Child Development.

It is the flagship initiative of the Indian government to enhance nutritional outcomes for children, teenage girls, pregnant women, and nursing moms. It is a scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The objective is to improve nutritional content, delivery, outreach, and outcomes, with an emphasis on creating methods that promote health, wellbeing, and disease and malnutrition immunity. Aspire to Stunting, undernutrition, anemia (in young children, mothers, and teenage girls), and low birth weight will all be reduced by 2%, 2%, 3%, and 2% every year, respectively. Poshan Gyan is a nationwide digital health and nutrition repository.

The goal of Poshan Abhiyaan is to promote collaboration amongst several ministries in order to combat malnutrition. Anganwadi covers half of the population who are poor and do not receive appropriate nutrition, whereas Poshan Abhiyaan covers the other half of the population who are not impoverished but want nutrition knowledge. Can play an important role in increasing dietary diversity by providing micronutrients through a consistent supply of fruits and vegetables sufficient to meet the family’s needs, which can prove to be a long-term model for ensuring food security and diversity to combat malnutrition at the household or community level.

Because farm folks are active in agriculture, setting up a Nutri garden/Poshan Vatikas is easier in rural regions. PoshanVatika’s planting of nutritional and herbal plants will minimise reliance on the outside world and create communities Atmanirbhar for their nutritional security. The Ministry of Ayush will work with 3,000 Aanganwadis to advance the Nutri Garden programme, as well as choose the nutritious and herbal plants that will be planted there. Moringa, Guava, Banana, and Tulsi are excellent choices for planting in a Poshan Vatika because they combat malnutrition in women and children


Source: Press Information Bureau

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