Nutrition Smart Village: Agriculture Ministry to reach 75 villages for nutrition awareness

admin November 19, 2021
Updated 2021/11/19 at 3:14 PM

On Wednesday, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar introduced the “Nutrition Smart Village” initiative, which would reach 75 villages throughout India with the goal of increasing nutritional awareness, education, and behavioural change in rural regions.

The initiative’s goals, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, are to promote nutritional awareness, education, and behavioural change in rural areas involving farm women and school children, as well as to harness traditional knowledge through local recipes to combat malnutrition and to implement nutrition-sensitive agriculture through homestead agriculture and Nutri-garden.

The program’s goals will be met via the All India Coordinated Research Project on Women in Agriculture (AICRP-WIA) network, which includes 13 centres in 12 Indian states as well as a coordinating institution in Bhubaneswar.

“The programme was launched in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request that all academics, agricultural scientists, and institutes adopt and improve 75 villages. A total of 75 villages will be adopted by AICRP centres and ICAR-CIWA under the programme, with the AICRP centres adopting 5 villages each and the other villages being adopted by ICAR-CIWA with the goal of developing 75 Nutri-Smart communities “According to the statement.

“To enhance the Poshan Abhiyan and accomplish the aim of malnutrition-free villages, intense awareness campaigns, and field activities will be conducted, concentrating on the concepts of Nutri-village/ Nutri-food/ Nutri-diet/ Nutri-thali, and so on. Women farmers will also be made aware of their legal rights in all aspects of their lives. Multi-location trials will be used to assess the goods, tools, and technologies created by AICRP centres” it added.


Source: ANI

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