Mamata Banerjee launches ‘Duare Ration’ scheme in West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, announced on Tuesday the commencement of the ambitious “Duare Ration” scheme, which would provide food grains via the public distribution system to the whole population of the state at their doorstep.

“This Duare Ration plan will benefit the state’s 10 crore citizens.” I’ll ask all of the ration sellers to help us make it a success.” During the launching of the scheme in Kolkata, Ms. Banerjee said

delivering food grains to people’s front doorways The “Duare Ration” was one of the Trinamool Congress’ election promises, and it helped the party win power for the third time in May 2021. “If a household has five people, one of them will have to carry 25 kg of food grains.” We are not inhumane enough to have them carry 25 kg on their backs. “The idea is to have automobiles in one lane at a 500-meter distance, Ms. Banerjee said.

According to the Chief Minister, cars would transport rations along a certain street or lane, and ration dealers’ staff would distribute the food grains to those living nearby.

Ms. Banerjee stated that her government will provide a one-lakh grant to each of the approximately 21,000 ration dealers in order for them to acquire trucks for distributing rations to people in this manner. The Chief Minister also pledged financial aid to ration dealers in order to help them recruit more workers in order to ensure the scheme’s viability.

“We have a humanitarian government here.” “Please don’t go to court to oppose the scheme,” the Chief Minister urged the people.

The Aam Admi Party (AAP) government in Delhi, which is being challenged by the Centre, initiated a similar system of supplying food grains. For the delivery of foodgrains, the Union government has requested the Delhi government to respect the terms of the National Food Security Act, which was approved by Parliament.

On November 22, Ms. Banerjee is expected to go to New Delhi and meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The proposal by the Centre to expand the authority of the Border Security Force is one of the topics that the Chief Minister is expected to bring up with the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister had already written to the Prime Minister to express his displeasure with the Centre’s decision to expand the BSF’s jurisdictional authority.

The Trinamool Congress chairperson’s visit to the national capital comes just before the Parliament’s winter session. In Delhi, she is expected to meet with members of several political parties. Ms. Banerjee had already visited the national capital in July of this year, when she met with leaders of several opposition political parties, including the Congress. On July 27, she made a phone call to the Prime Minister.

According to Trinamool Congress sources, the Chief Minister is expected to bring up the matter of overdue state dues with the Centre. The Chief Minister launched “Lakshmir Bhandar,” a conditional cash distribution initiative for women throughout the state, a few months ago. The initiative is expected to cost the state exchequer ₹1,000 crore every month.

Source: The Hindu

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