LokpalOnline launched for online submission of complaints

admin December 15, 2021
Updated 2021/12/15 at 2:37 PM

Chief Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose, the anti-graft ombudsman, launched an online portal in New Delhi on Monday that allows anyone to register corruption complaints with the Lokpal.

The Lokpal of India now accepts complaints received by letter, e-mail, or hand-delivered, according to a statement released by the Personnel Ministry.

Justice Ghose launched LokpalOnline, a computerised tool for the administration of complaints. At lokpalonline.gov.in, citizens of the country may access it and file complaints from anywhere, at any time.

Speaking at the event, Justice Ghose said that LokpalOnline is an end-to-end digital solution for the administration of complaints submitted against public workers under the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Acts, 2013.

LokpalOnline, he said, is a web-based tool that would quicken the disposal of complaints in an accountable, transparent, and efficient way, benefiting all stakeholders.

According to Justice Ghose, it simplifies the management of complaints across their entire life cycle, from filing to final disposition, bringing more openness and efficiency to the complaint-handling process.

The major goal of Lokpal, according to Justice Abhilasha Kumari, Judicial Member, is to free the country from the malady of corruption and develop a strong and corruption-free India.

She said that Justice Ghose was appointed as the country’s first Lokpal in March 2019 and that “as a body, it is still evolving and progressing.”

Even in rural regions, Justice Kumari remarked, measures will be taken to promote knowledge about the online Lokpal complaint portal.

Every complainant has access to a dashboard on the portal, which allows him to track the progress of his complaints throughout their life cycle.

At various stages of the complaints, the complainants will also get e-mail notifications as well as a copy of the decision made by the Lokpal or any of its benches, the statement stated.

Its key features include the ability for complainants to register complaints online from anywhere, at any time, and the “identification of the complaint is kept anonymous,” according to the statement.

According to the statement, other features of the online platform include “information to the complainant about action on complaint at every stage via e-mails and SMS,” “ability for complainant to ascertain status of complaint at any time,” and “reminders to inquiry agencies via e-mails and SMS.”

According to the statement, the CVC, CBI, and other inquiry agencies may submit their findings directly to the LokpalOnline portal, and analytical reports can be prepared based on their needs.

The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Acts, 2013, created the Lokpal to enquire into and investigate charges of corruption against public officials.

According to the most recent official statistics, the Lokpal received 30 complaints against top central government employees between April and July.

The Lokpal received 110 complaints in 2020–21, a decrease of approximately 92% from the 1,427 complaints received in 2019–20.

On March 23, 2019, President Ram Nath Kovind swore in Justice Ghose as the chairman of the Lokpal.

On March 27, 2019, Justice Ghose administered the oath of office to Lokpal’s eight members—four judicial and four non-judicial. At present, the Lokpal has two vacancies for judicial members.


Source: The Hindu

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