India’s new Kushinagar Airport To Boost Buddhist Pilgrimage Tourism

admin November 10, 2021
Updated 2021/11/10 at 10:44 AM

Kushinagar is the newest airport in Uttar Pradesh. The Prime Minister opened the Kushinagar International Airport on Wednesday, ushering in a new era of tourism in the ancient city known for Buddhist pilgrimages. The new airport was built as part of the government’s tourism-boosting plan.

Kushinagar is a significant Buddhist location where Lord Buddha gained Mahaparinirvana, and it is also the Buddha’s ultimate resting place. Pilgrims from Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, China, South Korea, and Vietnam will use the new airport.

During the opening event, the Prime Minister said that the new airport in Kushinagar would benefit everyone, including citizens, farmers, shop owners, pilgrims, and local industries. He claims that it would generate a new economic and tourist environment that will benefit everyone. Locals will be able to work in the tourist and hospitality industries as a result of the airport.

Kushinagar is supposed to have been erected by King Kush, Lord Rama’s son, during the Kosala Kingdom. Many kingdoms have ruled over it, including the Palas, Guptas, Kushanas, Shungas, and Mauryas.

Some of the most prominent Buddhist sites are in Uttar Pradesh, whereas Bodh Gaya is in Bihar. Kushinagar will be a part of the country’s Buddhist circuit, with monks and dignitaries flying in on a Sri Lankan Airlines aircraft as its inaugural passengers.

The maiden aircraft will arrive at the airport bringing 125 dignitaries and Buddhist monks from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The opening of the Kushinagar Airport would benefit pilgrims from all over the globe by enabling seamless access to the region’s major Buddhist monuments.

With the launch of the aircraft, tourism inflow is predicted to increase by up to 20%.

The Kushinagar International Airport will not only place the pilgrimage site on the map of international aviation, but it will also help the region’s economic growth.

By encouraging hotel businesses, travel agencies, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses will have a multiplier impact on the sector.

It will provide jobs for locals by opening up a plethora of feeder transportation services, local guide positions, and other possibilities.

The expansion of Kushinagar’s airport will aid in the growth of Kushinagar as one of the four major Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

The airport would service a population of over two crore people, with a hinterland of roughly ten to fifteen districts, and will be a huge help to the massive migrant population in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Western / Northern Bihar.

Exports of horticulture items such as bananas, strawberries, and mushrooms will also benefit from this.

The Kushinagar Airport covers 3600 square meters. It is anticipated to cost 260 crores to construct. During peak hours, the new terminal can handle 300 people.

Currently, the state has two international airports: Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow and Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi, with a third set to open in Jewar, Gautam Budh Nagar.


Source: Mint

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