China formally enacts the Three-Child Policy

admin November 5, 2021
Updated 2021/11/05 at 2:55 PM

The Chinese legislature has changed the country’s family planning laws to enable couples to have three children. It also proposed a slew of policies targeted at improving the country’s dwindling birth rate. The revised legislation directs the government to adopt supporting measures, such as those in finance, taxation, insurance, education, housing, and employment, to ease the burdens on families and lower the expense of raising and educating children.

China’s regulators have taken drastic measures in recent weeks to reduce education costs, which have been cited in many surveys as a major reason why many couples prefer to have only one child, including improving the booming private education industry, which, according to reports, may be ordered to become non-profit. The revisions follow China’s once-every-ten-year population census, which revealed drastically falling birth rates over the previous decade. Last year, the National Bureau of Statistics reported that 12 million babies were born, the lowest amount since 1961. In 2016, a “two-child policy” was enacted, which failed to significantly increase birth rates. The ageing problem “might be the greatest challenge the Chinese country will confront in the coming century,” according to experts.


Source: The Hindu

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