BRICS countries want ‘all-inclusive’ intra-Afghan discussion

admin November 6, 2021
Updated 2021/11/06 at 2:28 PM

Virtually, the 13th BRICS Summit took place. The virtual summit was convened by an Indian Prime Minister and focused on the current situation in Afghanistan.

The BRICS Counter-Terrorism Action Plan was established at the conference. The New Delhi Declaration was released, and it asked for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan to be addressed, as well as the protection of women, children, and minorities rights. It urged for an “all-inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue” to guarantee the country’s stability, civic peace, and law and order. The BRICS nations’ space agencies reached an agreement on Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation.

The term BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, a grouping of the world’s largest developing economies. Shanghai, China is the group’s headquarters. The BRICS Leaders’ Summit is held once a year. According to the alphabet B-R-I-C-S, the chairmanship of the forum is rotated annually among the members. BRICS accounts for around 40% of the world’s population and 30% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), making it an important economic engine.

The objective of the group is to increase the depth, breadth, and intensity of collaboration in order to achieve more sustainable, equitable, and mutually beneficial development. To guarantee that interactions are based on each country’s economic strengths while avoiding competitiveness


Source: The Hindu

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