Authoritarianism on the Rise Globally, Says New Report

admin November 30, 2021
Updated 2021/11/30 at 2:44 PM

According to the Global State of Democracy Report, 2021, issued on Monday by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International-IDEA), the number of nations heading toward authoritarianism in 2020 was larger than the number of countries moving toward democracy.

According to the research, whereas 20 nations moved toward authoritarianism, seven countries moved toward democracy.

“The pandemic has extended a five-year downward trend, the longest such period since the beginning of the third wave of democratisation in the 1970s. Authoritarian techniques are increasingly being used by democratically elected governments, even in established democracies. According to the report, “This democratic backsliding has often had widespread public support.”

According to the study, Brazil and India were singled out as “some of the most concerning instances of backsliding.” India, on the other hand, remains in the category of a mid-performing democracy, as it has been since 2000, according to the report.

Concerning democratic declines have also been seen in the United States and three European Union (EU) nations [Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia, which will chair the EU in 2021], according to the report.

The tendency was developing under non-democratic governments, according to the report. “In terms of the number of nations afflicted by growing autocratisation, the year 2020 was the worst on record.” The pandemic has wreaked havoc on non-democratic nations, significantly reducing their already limited civic space, “according to the report.

US President Donald Trump’s false complaints regarding voting integrity were noted in the report as an illustration of the growing tendency of people to doubt elections in established democracies.

According to the report, “Uneven worldwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as anti-vaccine views, jeopardise immunisation programmes, thereby extending the health crisis and normalising restrictions on essential freedoms.”

The study did, however, point out that many democracies had been shown to be robust in the face of the pandemic.

“Despite widespread campaigning limitations and media space that unjustly favours governments in certain countries, democracy’s electoral component has demonstrated remarkable resilience.” Countries all across the globe have learnt how to conduct elections under very tough circumstances and have quickly implemented special voting arrangements to allow voters to exercise their democratic rights.

Australia chairs the International-IDEA, an intergovernmental organisation that promotes democracy and includes India as a member-state.


Source: The Hindu

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