99% of world’s population is breathing polluted air: WHO

admin April 7, 2022
Updated 2022/05/02 at 2:59 PM

Study covered 6,000 cities, other settlements in 117 nations

The World Health Organization stated on Monday that 99% of the people on the planet breathe air that contains too many pollutants, blaming poor air quality for millions of deaths each year.

According to new statistics from the UN health agency, air pollution affects every corner of the planet, albeit the issue is far worse in poorer nations. “Almost 100 percent of the world population is still inhaling air that violates World Health Organization regulations,” said Maria Neira, the agency’s head of environment, climate change, and health. “This is a significant public health problem.”

It added that WHO determined that almost 90% of the world population was impacted in its last study four years ago, but it has since narrowed its parameters.

“The evidence base for the damage caused by air pollution is quickly expanding and suggests considerable impairment caused by even low levels of several air contaminants,” the WHO said.

The WHO research collects air quality data from almost 6,000 cities and other settlements in 117 countries, accounting for around 80% of urban areas.

She also said that the WHO used satellite data and math to figure out that air quality is bad.

According to her, the lowest air quality was observed in the eastern Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The results were disturbing, it added, underlining the urgent need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Source: The Hindu

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