4.1 Billion People Lack Social Safety Net, UN report

admin November 6, 2021
Updated 2021/11/06 at 7:48 AM

Even after the epidemic prompted nations to provide more services to their citizens, the United Nations said on Wednesday that more than half of the world’s population lacks social safeguards.

The UN’s International Labour Organization claimed in a study on the condition of social protection throughout the world that 4.1 billion people were living without any form of social safety net. Access to health care and economic security measures, particularly in relation to old age, unemployment, sickness, disability, work injury, maternity, or the loss of a family’s primary breadwinner, as well as additional help for families with children, are all covered by social protection.

According to the study, which is the ILO’s first on the issue since 2017, just 46.9% of the worldwide population benefited from at least one such protection in 2020. That low percentage happened despite the fact that healthcare, illness, and unemployment benefits were more important than ever during the epidemic.


Source: The Hindu

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