Pandemic creates new billionaire every 30 hours: Oxfam

The report showed that 573 people became new billionaires during the pandemic, at the rate of one every 30 hours

admin admin May 24, 2022

World lost 11.2 crore jobs in the first quarter of 2022: ILO

Gender gap in India’s employment data finds mention in the report on the ‘world of work’ The "world of work"

admin admin May 24, 2022

The rise of AI chips

What are the different ways in which AI chips are being used in various sectors? What are the recent innovations

admin admin May 23, 2022

Explained: NATO expansion & Russia

Finland and Sweden have applied for membership of NATO. What has been their stand on the alliance over the years,

admin admin May 20, 2022

Explained: The cause and effect of rising inflation

Inflation in April is at its highest in the last 8 years, and almost twice the RBI's target. A look

admin admin May 19, 2022

Explained | Gyanvapi and the Places of Worship Act

What has the Supreme Court directed? When is the next hearing on the lawsuit related to the Gyanvapi mosque? The

admin admin May 18, 2022

The repo rate in India

How does the repo rate work? How does it affect the country’s inflation and what are the factors that influence

admin admin May 18, 2022

Astronomers reveal first image of black hole at the heart of Milky Way galaxy

Astronomers believe nearly all galaxies, including our own, have these giant black holes at their centre, where light and matter

admin admin May 16, 2022

Explained | Marital rape in India: The history of the legal exception

The court took seven years to hear petitions seeking to criminalise marital rape before coming up with a split verdict.

admin admin May 14, 2022

Fertility falls, obesity goes up in India, says National Family Health Survey

Women participating in decision-making and having bank account growing, says national family health survey. The Total Fertility Rate (TFR), the

admin admin May 10, 2022